šŸ”“REALMONEYMO LIVE Apex Legends ON GOD MODE!! Controller 15 Hours of Pain

Region: NA
Age: 20
Language: English

Bio: ima American gamer thats loves to post gaming content!! on this channel you’ll mainly see Minecraft content but I’ll be switching the content up with games I like and you guys like. ill try my best to have a video out every two days which will be my schedule. ill be streaming a java smp as well if you’re interested in watching!!

My videos will all drop 6:30-7:30 eastern time!!
I’ll be streaming around the same time as well and ill be streaming usually around the weekends because most my viewers have school!!
I’ll be streaming full time on twitch ten hour streams each day so go follow my twitch down below!!

Discord server: https://discord.gg/8SbvV8Y
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/realmoenymo

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Chat Commands:
!yt- my youtube is realmoneym0
!cape- here’s my java cape.
!sub- subscribe to me on youtube
!twitch- follow my twitch where ill be streaming almost daily.
!ig -follow my instagram to see awesome fan art!!
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!redeem random- make me do a random challenge in game.
!redeem game- get to chose what gamemode i play.
!redeem friend- need at least more biscuits then my subscriber count
!redeem afk- make me go afk for 15 seconds.
!redeem screenie- take a picture with me in game.
!redeem ign- you get to see my ign
Language: English
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