Daylyt Funk Flex Freestyle

Daylyt Funk Flex Freestyle


To all enemies, virginities shall be taken and (Celibate) sell a bit of that skin
Oh, I’m not asking, passion, flagging over my lifestyle with the magnum. Breathe

The antics got they eyes but I (condom) conned them, it’s a wrap for you pussies. Safe sex reflects, you can’t protect them di*kheads from clemency, they be stressing. I go (intercourse) in of course, the bares back, uterus like I be stretching sh*t

You know the flow, naughty by nature, this sh*t is treacherous. Let’s turn this sh*t to contrast, who’s level through monstrous

n*ggas don’t smell me? sh*t is non-sense. I see n*ggas never change, with a (penny) pen he brought this quarter. 26 ways to slaughter this coin toss, I’m here (two face) to face monsters, I’m going off

Stove on, higher bake. My empire high as empire states. The whole squad singing at once, that’s an acquired (a choir) taste for Apple pie (pilot) fly as a baby maggot, will they be average?

Fight the big cats, throw hands with tigers. They be saggin (baby sagat), maybe be traffic. They be stuck on light, alright alright I’m focused. Scream love by I come in the body, this sh*t (dopamine) dope I mean verses. Sheep naming it’s mission

Girl calf, Charlie horse, you feel attention from chickens who claim they ghosts goat, sheep duck). When we bring the water bruh, goat, chicken, cow, pig in the same spot, n*ggas still don’t got the formula

Keave if I don’t be on my bullsh*t, man coward do not try Popeyes spinach, you feeling can power. Bite down snap, which rap (wrap) should I choose (chew) totem

Got the war lock, man which (witch) craft should I use on em. Life’s levels, you hear the trumpets I’m on you (wall) all. If one dimension with none of y’alls. Line em up parallel, scare the hell out of this facade

Horse playing in a circle, do you (carousel) care to sell out in your squad. n*ggas ratting, they would point em out. Splinter the mark line. Said they did this sh*t by accident just to get (short) y’all time

Look what I do to these streaky n*ggas sh*t, let it leak. The pen writer is a thin sight I’m at my (peek) peak, who better? Whenever god (wrath) rap, you better behave when I snap. I tell em I got it covered, I’m never afraid to contact

Never slipping, f*ck around and get crippled, they said I’m crippin, skipping. You expect me to fall? You fellas tripping
You gotta except decepticons skeptic, you see I kept it in context with the concept, don’t accept (contraception) cons deception, I’m condescending, a senative state who sent the senate?

They sent it, I kill a clown I hope you get it? Get it? Said he gotta kill sire. Deadly body quill fire, bottled up, when it c*ck tell me how it feel

Enough of the random bars, hold onto life, we done gofer. You wanna hear some wordplay? Let’s play with some words, shots per Sosa

We wake up in the morning and live to pray to god, ask for a new business, suit and tie this facade

Cop your soles (souls) in a shoe, it’s a cold interlude. Word twisting it, let me flip the word for those who listening

Lived backwards is devil, pray to god dog, lets settle for Anubis. Wake up in the morning and say hello

Neck tied up, soul defeated. work shoe the stepper. and the ice cream on the cake, we say that the lord is my shepherd. K’s 9’s goddamn they got us in a twirl, they say that god is D. OG of the world

Think I’m playing, it’s the truth. In church when a god talks, put your hands to the roof like palendrome etymology

Salad grown from a flower seed, nope. GMO type strokes, they answer cancer with chemo, see no progression. Death day guessing the cause flare, you lost hair, I guess you can pay when you’re balling (bald and) got a wig on ‘em

Hospitals where we set the plan, don’t trust the Dr. Suess, they had us eating green eggs and ham

Drugs illegal but they sell em, we sell and get a jail cell. Tell em we tryna sell a bit (celibate) and they don’t give a f*ck!

Quill tell us, I cry world, it’s real fellas. Plead not guilty of dry curl, they still gel (jail) us (jealous) of melanomas (melanin and those complaining) oh sun blocking the pavements. We feel we’ve lived here first, for us Plymouth Rock is the pavement. Where they lay men, layment terms see they slay men and slaving

Hope the light bulb bust, we behaving like cavemen. Mind you can heal our hoes, queens block attacks. Cave man heal hole, that’s cold, they rocks the blacks. Drop the facts, machine guns won’t work, they’ll kill us fast with plain dog us

Just son outta space, can’t shoot the astral plane. My purpose that’s what I’ve been searching for, I get in here then light body sh*t. See my merkaba, I’m murking brothers. This time don’t be friends or lover. Word try but their 3rd eye blind as a window cover

Spirit lurking, certain that certain n*ggas heard me. If your 3rd eye blind as a window cover it’s curtain. Book of Eli, your two eyes (true eyes) lie in front of your face. And I see why (IC) why it’s cold(full ver. below)


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