Top 30 Creative and Unique Moments in Battle Rap – Part Three

Top 30 Creative and Unique Moments in Battle Rap – Part Three

Number 23 – Ski Mask

June 9th, 2012 – Daylyt vs Rich Dollaz – King of the Dot’s Vendetta event –

Before Daylyt even begins his third round lyrically – he pulls a hat that had been sitting on his head the entire battle down… to reveal a face mask.

Then, he begins rapping –


I remember watching this live and being completely blown away at what was happening. Never before had I seen a battler employ a prop while simultaneously being intimidating.

While the mask was simple – it had this profound effect on Daylyt’s performance… and the overall feel of the battle went from a classic battle to almost some sort of gangster Broadway performance

Of course, Daylyt ended it with this famous and highly effective line –


Number 24 – Chugging
August, 2011 – Oshea vs Po Rich – King of the Dot’s World Domination 2

Deciding who goes first in a battle is usually done through basic negotiation or coin flips.

However – When Oshea and Po Rich – two battlers known for their drinking – needed to decide who went first… they settled the matter in pretty creative manner.

Oshea finished his beer first – so he went first.

Number 25 – The Entire Catalog

2015 – Getcha vs Spider J – War Zone Battles

In probably the least known moment on this entire list – Queens battler Spider J faced off with Florida battler Getcha.

In his third round – in what was an extremely suprising, unique and creative approach – Spider J revealed that he had bought Getcha’s ENTIRE Grindtime catalog of battles… and that they were now all private.


Many in the building for this did not realize or believe what had just happened. As reported – Getcha’s view count went from 150k to 40k in a blink of an eye and all of his Grind Time battles were made private.

26 The Fake Choke  – 4:00

November 2015 – 100 BULLETZ VS SOLJITSU – Dont Flop’s 7th Birthday

In the middle of his first round – 100 Bulletz chokes… or at least he appears to.

____________________ SHOW CHOKE

While seemingly reading his forgotten lyrics off of his phone – Bulletz does this.

____________ SHOW REST

Now some of you may have caught what he said at the start of that –

“But if you out smart your adversary – you don’t need a Smiff N Wessun” “Before Bullet take your cap off I’m gonna teach the kid a lesson”

Essentially what Bulletz did was took a double entendre – which generally is seen only seen lyrically – and put it into real life.

27. Goodz C Factor Earl

March 9th, 2013 – Goodz vs X Factor – Ultimate Rap League’s Unfinished Business Event

X Factor began his URL career with choking – _________________________

So, that became an angle that his opponents would use.

Goodz – took a unique approach to this angle – and called earl.


Now considering that to “CALL EARL” is the actual phrase – this was a really interesting and creative approach. Futhermore, this wasn’t simply a few punchlines about X Factor choking – this became something completely different – and it was it was extremely well recieved.

28. Snappin and Clappin – 8:50

November 2011 – Uno Lavoz vs Lunar C, Dont Flop’s Blood in the Water 5.

Uno Lavos, already known for his unique style by this time – decides to try something different. First, he has the crowd snap along while he is rapping


Second, he has the crowd clap along with him to do this


As you can see, the crowd wasn’t even really 100% sure how to react – but it did directly engage them in the performance… the highlight being that it was in an unplanned manner – which was extremely unique at the time.

Also, this became REALLY popular

_______________ DEKAY 1835

29.The Car Ride 2655

December 2015 Math Hoffa and Cortez vs DNA and K Shine, BullPen Battle League’s Cold War Event

It’s Math Hoffa and Cortez’ third round. Math Hoffa appears alone on camera – sitting down on a chair. Ominous music begins to play, and Hoffa pretends to drive a car.


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