6 Datapacks You NEED To Use to Make Minecraft Better!

I go through a list of my favorite datapacks that you need to use to enhance the game of Minecraft and make it better!

Anvil pack: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/anvil-mending-data-pack/
Vein mining pack: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/auto-utilities-vein-mining/
Twerking for trees: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/twerking-for-trees/
Balanced diet pack: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/balanced-diet-4407040/
Loot bags: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/loot-bags/
Happy animals: https://www.planetminecraft.com/data-pack/happy-animals/

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