Angie Martinez IRL Podcast | Joe Budden

In the final episode of the first chapter, “We’re All Going To Die” creator, disrupter, and Pod-Father Joe Budden sits down with Angie to discuss death in a whole new way; from signs that lead to your cause of death to studying our brains posthumously.

Joe and Angie have had several personal conversations about life and death, but this on-air discussion will make you consider your personal relationships after death, your own legacy, and what you must do while you are here. Shrooms anyone?!

As Angie recaps the lessons learned in the first chapter of the podcast and reveals the theme of Chapter 2, Joe adds his perspective as both a listener and friend in real life.

7:18 Joe Budden’s theory on signs of death
14:50 Joe Budden’s take on Dopesick, out on HULU now
18:40 Angie reveals the theme of In Real Life- Chapter 2
20:06 Brains we should study after death
22:18 Angie & Joe Budden dig into micro-dosing and mushrooms
33:54 Joe Budden’s love for Cyn

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