Charlamagne The God Drops Bombshell Info About Young Dolph

In light of the tragic news of Young Dolph’s death, Charlamagne Tha God gave the Memphis rapper’s killers the “Donkey of the Day.”

Charlamagne stated, “What you saw yesterday was a societal problem. This is what happens when people don’t have better things to do, this is what happens when proper investments haven’t been made in certain communities.”

He went on to say, “We can go on and on about how the root causes of crime are inequality, the lack of support for families in neighborhoods, inaccessibility to services — we act like violent crime is a complex issue. It’s not. Lack of education, rupture of family structure, generational poverty… Boom, nine times out of ten, you’re gonna get someone who has zero self-worth when they come from those conditions and zero love for themselves. And if I lack self-worth and love for myself, what the hell I care about you for? You out here shinin’, drivin’ your fancy cars, jewelry on, man, some people will kill you, not just because they’re jealous or envious but they will kill you because of the way other people love you. They don’t wanna hear about what you doin’ in the community.”

Charlamagne closed by speaking about how lack of self-worth and self-love leads to people making regretable mistakes that they only reflect on when “they’re sitting in prison for 100 years.” He then encouraged people to heal their trauma before they get to that point so that they can “influence others to heal,” #youngdolph #youngdolphshot #youngdolphdead #memphisnews #youngdolphdead2021 #rapper #youngdolphdead

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