Debatable Episode 12: Battle Rap, Lil Boosie Water, DMX Vs Eminem & Jay-Z, & Italy Vs Bill Gates

In this episode Den Tut and Saqar discuss the RBE (Rare Breed Entertainment) latest release in Battle Rap: Rosenberg Raw Vs. Snake Eyez of Dot Mobb, Dope Battle! Also DMX Vs Eminem or Vs Jay – Z his arch-nemesis. What about Italy Parliament member blaming Bill Gates for Crimes Humanity, Venezuela wants their gold back from the Bank of England, Lil Boosie got alkaline water, a cameraman who filmed Murder of Ahmaud Arbery arrested for Murder, and Brazil having a hard time-fighting Coronavirus. #BattleRap #RBE #SnakeEyez #LilBoosie #Coronavirus