Every Level Heroes VS Every Level Cannon Formation | Clash of Clans

Today we gonna see which hero is the best heroes in Clash of Clans. This time is not about speed but about overall durability. Each heroes will compete against each other to be the first to finish and defeat max level cannon formation. Heroes will facing 7 cannon that placed accordingly starting from level 1 up to max level, level 19. Whoever can beat max level cannon first will win this race. Who will win this race? Let’s see

There are 4 heroes in Clash of Clans.
The first and the most basic is Barbarian King. This guy is the most well rounded and balanced hero in Clash of Clans. He has massive amount of hitpoints that make him super durable against many enemies. He can also deal decent amount of damage to his enemies, combined with his ability that can spawn barbarians and cast rage spell around him, he can deal a massive amount of damage. Most balance and basic, Barbarian King.

Second hero is Archer Queen. Unlike barbarian king, archer queen is ranged unit that can deal massive amount of damage to her opponent but lack of durability if facing many defenses or clan castle troops. Her lack of durability is redeemed by her ability that make her invulnerable or invisible for a while so her enemies can’t attack her and may cause switching target. Damage dealer, Archer Queen.

Third hero is Grand Warden. This hero is not an ordinary hero this guy is specialized on supporting other troops or heroes. It can deal damage but not really reliable to destroying defenses. Like his purpose, he can support many troops at once within certain radius so they can survive for longer duration and make them more durable against defenses. His ability make troops around him and himself invulnerable against any damage for awhile which is very helpful in critical moment.

Last hero but of course not least is Royal Champion. Royal Champion is new so she doesn’t have many levels, right now her max level is level 20. But don’t you ever underestimated her, right from the start she can deal massive amount of damage but in short range. She also has decent durability, what make her so unique and useful is her ability. Her ability let her throw her shield and make it hit and bounce to up to 4 building preferably defense building. This shield is no joke and can deal massive amount of damage to many defense at once or even instant kill it (for certain defense like air sweeper on max level).

Cannon like everyone know is the most basic defense in Clash of Clans. It can shot cannonball and deal decent amount of damage to single target make it good test bench for our heroes in the mission of finding the best heroes in Clash of Clans.

Who’s gonna win this race?
Barbarian King with his army? Archer Queen with her arrow?
Grand Warden if it’s even possible? or Royal Champion with her shield throwed to the face of each cannons?

Let’s see and enjoy!

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