Florida HAI CIC Study Group (Week 1)

Week 1:
Chapter 21- Risk Factors Facilitating Transmission of Infectious Agents
Chapter 22- Microbial Pathogenicity and Host Response

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Florida HAI CIC Study Group?

The Florida HAI Prevention Program has been dedicated to providing infection control education to county health departments (CHDs). In their latest effort, the HAI Prevention Program has supported the creation of the HAI CIC Study Group in collaboration with the Florida Department of Health in Orange County. The goal of this study group is to improve infection prevention and control competency by increasing the number of CIC-credentialed staff at CHDs.
How do the “cohorts” for the Florida HAI CIC Study Group function?
Each cohort is scheduled to last approximately six months. During those six months we cover all of the eight key competency focus areas for the CIC exam. Currently we have completed two cohorts, and cohort #3 will be starting in April 2019.

What study materials are recommended to prepare for the CIC exam?
Our group uses three primary materials to prepare for the exam.
1. APIC Text of Infection Control and Epidemiology
2. Certification Study Guide, 6th Edition
3. CIC Study Plan & Workbook
You are able to purchase the APIC Text and Certification Study Guide on the APIC website.
How often does the Florida HAI CIC Study Group meet?
The group meets on Fridays from 2:00-3:00 p.m. EST via GoToWebinar

How can I register for the group meetings?
You are able to register via GoToWebinar at the following link:

How can I view past recorded webinars?
Previous group meetings for Cohort #2 were recorded. You are able to view past recordings by clicking on the “Webinar Recording” excel sheet found on the Washington CIC Study Group Google Drive. You will find it in the folder titled “Florida Materials”.
Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dQP6eMcF7WNH1WxyYvj7G2HQ1yxN35FB

How do I access past PowerPoint presentations?
The Florida HAI CIC Study Group closely collaborates with the Washington CIC Study Group. You are able to locate our past presentations on the Washington CIC Study Group Google Drive. Be sure to click on the folder titled “Florida Materials’.
Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dQP6eMcF7WNH1WxyYvj7G2HQ1yxN35FB