Funkmaster Flex – GangStarr Freestyle

Artist: Funkmaster Flex (featuring Gang Starr)
Song: GangStarr Freestyle
Album: The Mix Tape Volume III: 60 Minutes of Funk, The Final Chapter (1998)
Produced by: Funkmaster Flex


[Guru] If I was a ballplayer, then I would dunk on ya faster
But since I’m a track slayer, I fuck with Funkmaster
Premier lace the beat, so it can bump faster
Gu-rizzi, on Volume Thr-izzi, I gets busy
Since the days of the Quarters, Union Square, and the Castle
Been known to hold my own, if you give me a hassle
Rassle with this MC here, on the mic
Niggas know they ain’t prepared for the fight
Talk about your skills all day, I’m still bored
You disobeyed the laws, got no cause to kill for
You build your rep, off the next man’s style
Played the role, and stole the page out the next man’s file
You can’t test, one of the best, in this art form
Ain’t tolerating blatant disrespect for this art form
Whether or not I make a track to keep the charts warm
I come to do a show, pros and hoes, know it’s on
From BK to Uptown, and all around
See how easy, they all fall down
While suckers go off, and show off, I throw your whole bluff off
That semi old school rapper that you grown up off
Come off the top rope, just like the Junkyard Dog
To the mat, with my ill kid form of rap
Take that, what I just spat, and then store that
Just like on a Pentium with CD-ROM and all that
Fly shit, that we create, just like that
We great like that, straight like that

GangStarr, you know what I’m saying?
Funkmaster Flex
Now till forever baby

[Flex] Yeah, uhh, yeah, what, what

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