G-Unit Freestyle on Hot 97 part 1

G-Unit Freestyle on Hot 97 part 1


-Google 50 Cent If Dead Men Could Talk Lyrics

[Tony Yayo:] Yo its T-O-N-Y Y-A-Y-O
light on the fo-fo and light up your Tahoe
bag it, chop it, the [?] in the blenders
my coupe got TV’s and Latrell spinnas
I’m a +Hustler+ like +Larry Flynt+, fly pimp
in bulletproof bomber minks with chinchilla prints
I catch stunts like Evel Knievel
I got that Diesel and that X and I’m not Vin Diesel
Yo I know you love the choppy flow the rocks they glow
I have your man laid up in the hospital
He wasn’t thinking with his mind he wasn’t logical
What, yo, Oh my god

[50 Cent:] Yo, Yo, Yo, Yo
Son Wise came home Far Rock edge men
I figured I’d drop in
bless him with a little short change to go shopping
plus it don’t wait elevator shitty staircase pissy
his sister ran hugging on a nigga she miss me
his momma living room sit painted till he was pissy

[Lloyd Banks:] Now I’m done off the liquor and back grabbing a stripper
strapping to stay out that black bag with a zipper
You slacking so ima blast past even quicker
without radio air play or ads on a sticker
Nigga I’m blowing brocolli in a tahoe
the kid with more punches than Rocky and Apollo
im cockier tomorrow pop you with a bottle
haters wanna pop me with a hollow
nigga can’t stop me is my motto
i will not be gettin followed
i roll with an entourage
and follow you and put holes in your aunts garage
niggas wanna stomp they hoes cuz they fiancee chose
my next victim is Beyonce Knowles
my whole neck and arm stay froze
I’m beyond they shows
thirty thousand we on 8 roads
when we leave from back stage kids be on they clothes it seems she gotta little on the all gray ‘bos
and what i gotta jet for? i should start up a business
cause i get rid of more birds than a pet store
[?] poppa said handcuffing the hoes is a sin
I came straight out the gutter like a rolling pin
you gonna need hella doctors
my whole team get around with choppers
and I don’t mean helicopters
I make a move now tougher with it [?] [Tony Yayo:] Check my resume homie we got A-1 felonies
but nigga we stars you know A list celebrities
rap and street stuff it’s all the same
I realized that when 50 snatched Ja’s chain
screaming +Murder+ but your things don’t pop
you can catch me at Hollis at the hero shop
I got a long desert eagle like Robocop
that spit 200 yards and make a hippo drop
yo we natural born killers G-Unit gorillas
clap at me homie I’ll chop off your fingers

[Lloyd Banks:] Yeah, Look, Look, Yeah, Look
I still walk around with the hammer boss
rope and a cross
hard times make a little nigga hate Santa Claus
your mileage is high, older than Diana Ross
I’m like a 2003 banana Porsche
I don’t have to hire sluts to get your tires cut
cause they on my dick cause I made… Flex whoo!

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