GGST 🔥 Snake Eyez (#1 Potemkin) vs VTX | Aneema (#5 Ramlethal) 🔥 Guilty Gear Strive 🔥 Steam

Watch and learn combos and strategy by both players in high level matches!

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⚠ The ranking of the players may change as time passes

★ Playlists ★
☑ Snake Eyez –
☑ Potemkin –
☑ Ramlethal –

👉 All of the footage was recorded by me and compiled using the in-game replay system (openly available for all players to view and share public replays). The footage was then edited in Magix Vegas. The purpose is for educational entertainment. All footage seen in this video is copyright free. The purpose of this video is to provide educational high level content of Guilty Gear Strive, so the viewer can learn new combos and more! Thank you for watch!

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