Himiko Toga vs Toko Fukawa – Riot Rumble

A New episode of Riot Rumble is here animated by LK-Sixtyfour! , and the fourth in the “Month of Terror 2020 saga!”
Get ready for this one!

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►What’s a Riot Rumble?

Directed by the team at Organization XVX, it’s the climatic main event. Tune in to experience a tale unfolding while the fights are turned to eleven!
Longer bouts. Intense confrontation. And gorgeous hosts to tie it all together. This is no ordinary rumble. No, this is a Riot Rumble!

►What’s a “Month of Terror”?
A horror-themed special saga! , hosted by the evil “Princess Vampire Witch” Sharon Maximus.
Could XVX-tan and her friend Mimi Jubie come out of this? who are going to save them? why Sharon needs the emeralds?
lets see if we find answers in this 2nd edition.

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Animator – LK-Sixtyfour
“Sharon Skits” Animator – LK-Sixtyfour
Post production – Spideyhog
Video edition – Spideyhog
Sharon Maximus VA – WubcakeVA
Toko Fukawa VA – WubcakeVA
Himiko Toga VA – Bailey Doxey
Victor The Hat VA – SwordGrayFire
Drunk man VA – SwordGrayFire
Sprites used – Himiko Toga and Toko Fukawa (LK-SixtyFour)
Thumbnail composition – Armondew 9000! (Sharon likes to mis-credit Armondew in the video)
Sharon Maximus XVX Designer – MaroonAbyss
Sharon Maximus Creator – Spideyhog
Pixel Artworks and Animation (Intro and Credits) – Spideyhog
Grammar Fix (Intro and Credits) – M3atl0afman
Writter (Intro and Credits) – Spideyhog
Writter (Animation Fight) – Lk-Sixtyfour


Bad Apple – Touhou “English” (Fight Animation)
Willy Wombat – Morwegian Woods (Disclaimer)
Royalty Free Heavy Metal Instrumental – Game Over (Intro and Credits)

Disclaimer: Sprites, music and other various effects belong to their respective owners. We do not claim ownership over them.


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