KOTD – Rap Battle – Kid Twist vs Nils M/Skils | #WD3

@KingOfTheDot – @KidTweezy vs @NilsMSkils
Hosted By :@OrganikHipHop & @GullyTK
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Coming off of one of the most acclaimed international debuts in KOTD history, Nils M/ Skils is back by popular demand to appease his Canadian fans. Well known in his home country of Norway, Nils can switch between Norwegian and English effortlessly, rapping in the latter just as well as his Canadian and American counterparts. With his trademark deadpan style, Nils is able to kill a crowd with jokes but has also shown he can flow and bring bars to the table as well. After a classic showing against Rone at last year’s World Domination, Nils returns to face off against crowd favorite Kid Twist in one what was one of the best battles of the event.
Toronto native Kid Twist is one of, if not the most, recognizable Canadian battler in the world. Earning his name during the freestyle era, Twist participated in Scribble Jam with various other freestyle legends, and made the transition into the WRC’s with his partner PoRich. Although conceding defeat, Twist cemented his position as a problem for any battler willing to step into the ring with him. Known for his nerdy image and joke-centric style, Twist switched up his game in this battle, trying a new approach which certainly resonated with the fans. Clashing against Nils from Norway, Twist reminded everyone why he is arguably the face of Canadian battling

@KingOfTheDot – @KidTweezy vs @NilsMSkils
Hosted By :@OrganikHipHop & @GullyTK