Lotta Zay Names DNA in Bottom 5 Worst Battle Rappers

http://www.vladtv.com – Lotta Zay came by our VladTV office for an exclusive interview with Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes, and spoke on loads of Battle Rap related topics. A usual question asked of battlers, is who they consider to be the Top 5 best battlers currently active, but a question that is not often asked is the reverse; who they consider to be the Top 5 Worst or Bottom 5 Worst battle rappers. This question produced a very interesting response from Lotta Zay.

While he didn’t name five battlers, he did name two, and one in particular that was truly shocking. The first battler Lotta Zay named was DNA, who has loads of battles and has been featured on numerous battle leagues all around the world. DNA is a skilled veteran with strong lyrical ability and great freestyle and strong performance skills, so it was very shocking to hear him be mentioned. His second was NuBorn, who while he may not be as known of a battler as DNA, is still a very lyrical combatant as well.

Lotta went on to speak about his time spent participating on the BET 106 & Park Ultimate Freestyle Friday competition and his experience battling on the televised show.

How do you feel about Lotta Zay’s top picks for the worst battle rappers around?