Rare Breed Ent. (RBE) | Lift His Soul 5 | Announcement JIMZ vs QLEEN PAPER

Rare Breed Ent. (RBE) | Lift His Soul 5 | Announcement JIMZ vs QLEEN PAPER

@Giovanni Roman “Ain’t Jimz the one who cleans the venue after the battles are over?” πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Hilarious, but stop being dirty πŸ˜…

Ain’t Jimz the one who cleans the venue after the battles are over?// Lift His Soul 5, Jimz vs Qleen, if the jewels drippin, who gettin -_- washed, rinsed, -_- *no lackin,* clocked cleaned at the venue after the battles over/ let’s talk about it/ we got time, -_- laundromat open 24/7 -_-/ how many classic battles of yours they -_- spinnin -_-with you winnin, by the year 2024 seven?/ okay lets take your 7 battles 6 years from now, the -_- cycle continues -_- , he a lost nygga// ladies -_- deter gent -_- cuz he ain’t cut from the -_- fabric -_- to -_- soften her -_-, his bum ass cautions her, now she like, “do you even -_- wash -_- nygga?”/ that’s harsh nygga// here’s a *KILLSHOT* like Marsh nygga/ I’m a stand up, -_- wrinkle free -_-, when I -_- “press you” -_- with a potato on the -_- iron -_- you gonna -_- fold -_- since you think I’m a -_- starch -_- nygga/ our hearts differ, they don’t even beat the same/ you’d get 3-0’d even if I No Show, how the critics think I can’t beat this lame?/ how can you even be this lame? you be point shaving rhymes/ it’s sad cuz you clout chased, got Roc’d, then about face, damn, a promising future, and such a waste of Shine/ now the fans, they might, say like, “man, if you don’t hurry up with them old ass outdated lines// its -_- November 3rd -_- ya heard, you know what -_- tomorrow is -_-, we aint got all night so -_- Fall back -_- before -_- RBE lose Daylyt -_- Savings,” TIME!!

Nygga let’s cook πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

I don’t even do this bro// but I can do this bro// but I’m not a rapper// at least not one you should know πŸ˜”

Don’t be sweating like you got mace in your face! That’s real spit from tea kettle, hot!!

LHS5 TICKETS & PPV FOR LIFT HIS SOUL 5 (NOV 3RD) http://www.rarebreedent.com

LHS5 ANNOUNCEMENT #4. JIMZ returns to the RBE stage for what could be a war versus QLEEN PAPER on the Lift His Soul 5 card. RBE continues to release some of the best RAP BATTLES of 2018 along with blogs & videos.

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Peace Love Smiles Truth Galaxy, I am Zachary, I see you!

– Zach Van Harris JR

It’s Different Out Here Being In Battle Rap!

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