Russ Effortlessly Drops Bars Over OutKast's "Aquemini" Instrumental In L.A. Leakers Freestyle 125

Coming through lock, loaded, and fully activated, Russ popped in to the LIFTOFF with the L.A. Leakers for his inaugural freestyle appearance with the 125th installment of the Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk series.

Wasting no time to come through swinging, before Russ opens his freestyle entry, the Jersey native taunts, “Come on, y’all are scared to rap!” Effortlessly sliding over legendary hip-hop group OutKast’s smooth and infectious “Amariqi” instrumental, Russ hit with bars quickly nodding to the holiday season, Beyonce’s mom, and of course he took time to boast on his skill.

During the freestyle, Russ spits:
“I’m the type that companies would give a five to / I’m not the type that women want to say goodbye to / But I’m about to fly to Dubai to do White you, thought I’m talking drugs, it’s a club with a sky view / After parties of arena shows, the expectations I exceeded those / I made the industry collapse like the Lehman bros, it’s because my mother birthed a legend like Tina Knowles”

Russ delivered classic energy and etched himself into your Top 5!

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