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Getaway Driver for Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Killer Went to LAPD, but Police Turned Her Away: Court Records

The night after Nipsey Hussle was killed, the woman who drove the alleged shooter from the scene saw something alarming on the news: her car and license plate. “Oh my God,” she told her mom, according to her May testimony before a grand jury. “My car is on here and everything and I didn’t do anything. I […]

DJ Akademiks’ strange Nipsey Hussle comments continue. Said he never really listened to him. “It’s Disgusting”

DJ Akademiks’ strange Nipsey Hussle comments continue Dj Akademiks in his sly sneaky way has continued to take shots at Nipsey Hussle even beyond the grave. He is apparently not too happy with the love Nipsey Hussle is receiving after his death.

Eric Holder Says The Government Offered Him 75K To Kill Nipsey Hussle

/p> ►Several parties have reported on the accused killer Eric Holder accused of murdering beloved rapper Nipsey Hussle plead not guilty however according to sources, he plans to confess to the murder and give details about why he did it. Holder is claiming that “the government” hired him to gun down Nipsey in front of […]