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Benny the Butcher Questions Authenticity of Some of VladTV’s Gangster Interviews

In this clip, Benny The Butcher spoke about being a traditional street rapper in the vein of Beanie Sigel, Scarface, and Kool G Rap. He talked about his lyric questioning the authenticity of guests on VladTV but mentioned those who he had respect for, namely B.G. Knocc Out. Later, Benny The Butcher spoke on his […]

Twista on How Hip-Hop Was Different in the 90s, “There Was More Competition” (Part 1)

In this VladTV exclusive, Twista talks about his new mixtape ‘Summer 96,’ which he says is titled in dedication of the golden age of hip-hop. During this time, Twista notes that he released his third album Adrenaline Rush that featured the single “Get It Wet,” while adding that the genre was different in the 90s […]


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