The Legendary GARAGE BATTLE Feat: E. NESS vs HOLLOWMAN (Philly 1/12/03)

On January 12, 2003 Big Star was present for one of the most classic Philadelphia underground hip-hop moments of all time, The Legendary GARAGE BATTLE that featured E. NESS vs HOLLOWMAN. This battle was a hood classic and is still talked about today. Besides that battle, there were ton’s of other MC’s that were part of history, such as.. Bugsy “The Slick Talk King”, Kre Forch, Hydro, Cash Dollas, Face Money, Skeez, and tons more. As I watched the footage I realized that this battle was supposed to be ICE CITY vs TAKE DOWN, but it appears that once word spread, tons of other MC’s showed up to see if they could make a name for themselves. Besides battling, this day was a who’s who of the signed and unsigned Philly All Stars. Freeway, Peedi Crakk, Quarter Ki, Ms. Jade, Jakk Frost, and many more were in the building. Enjoy this classic moment in Philly history and SUBSCRIBE TO THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR MORE CLASSICS FROM THE 2 RAW FOR THE STREETS ARCHIVES.