Top 25 Highest Viewed Rap Battles of All Time – Part 1

Top 25 Highest Viewed Rap Battles of All Time – Part 1

Number 25 – Loaded Lux vs Charlie Clips

Event: URL’s Summer Madness 5

Two Harlem giants go head to head in this very personal battle. This is Lux’s most recent battle on camera. This battle is unique in that it is unedited footage. To prevent bootlegging from the Pay Per View

Number 24 – Charlie Clips vs Tay Roc

Released: June 24th, 2014

Event: URL one off

In late 2008, Harlem native Charlie Clips faced off with Maryland’s Tay Roc on Sub 0 Gladiators. Most agreed that Clips decisively took the battle.

In 2014 – so nearly 6 years later – the two were scheduled as the main event for URL’s Night of Main Events 4.

Number 23 – Canibus vs Dizaster

Event: King of the Dot’s Vendetta

In what would become one of the biggest bodybags battle rap has ever seen, LA battler Dizaster faced off against recording artist Canibus of “Second Round ko” Many had high hopes for Canibus – believing that he would accel in a modern battle rap format

Number 22 – Dizaster vs Loonie

Event: Sunugan’s Araneta Dreams

We all know that battle rap is huge in the Phillipines – so what happens when you have the most popular battle rapper in the Phillipines face off against one of the most popular American battle rappers? Interesting note – this battle took place in the Smart Araneta Coliseum – home of the the Thrilla in Manilla matchup between Muhammad Ali and George Frazier.

Number 21 – Conceited vs B Magic

Event: Summer Maddness 4

In a battle that had been requested for years by fans, Conceited and B Magic lived up to it’s expectations. In that both were known for a certain style – this was in a way a battle to see who was the king of name flips.

Number 20 – Artisan vs Nov

Artisan vs Nov also has the distinction of being the first million view battle on Youtube among mainstream battle rap.

Number 19 – Murda Mook vs Serius Jones

In this classic grudge match, Smack DVD star Murda Mook went against Fight Klub champion Serius Jones. This is one of the most debated battles of all time.


Number 18 – Arsonal vs Conceited

Event: Grind Time’s Battle of the Bay 5

Arsonal vs Conceited used to be THE highest viewed rap battle in battle rap history – and was the second mainstream battle to hit a million views.

This was also the first we head of Arsonal being a school bus driver.

Number 17 – Anygma vs Dirtbag Dan

Event: Flip Top’s Tectonics Event

In yet another battle that took place in the Phillipines, San Jose California battle rapper Dirtbag Dan faced off against Fillipino battler Anygma. Although Flip Top is pretty much always in Tagalog – the language of the Phillipines – this battle was in English.-

The real reason for the number of views is that battle rap is mainstream in the Phillipines opposed to a niche here.

Number 16 – QP vs Soul Khan

Event: Grind Time’s Massacre of the Bay event

Soul Khan vs QP was a style clash – and a great one at that. Soul Khan’s powerful delivery and wit were put against QP’s general uniqueness and crazy wordplay. This battle was also a continuation of Soul Khan’s beef with the SONS crew – with Khan going on to battle J Fox the next year on URL.

At least part of this battle’s high view count can be attributed to a Reddit post entitled “Jewish Freestyle rapper dominates competition” which hit the front page of the website – as well as the fact that for a very long time it was the only actual rap battle that appeared when “rap battle” was search on Youtube

Number 15 – Arsonal vs Calicoe

Event: URL’s Motor City Mayhem event

When two leaders of two different cities meet to battle, the stakes are high. The stakes are even higher when an associate of one of the battler disses a city legend who had passed away and that battler is hundreds of miles from home.

This battle was also important for another reason – Calicoe had been lobbying Smack to bring the URL to Detroit. This was a rare home game for him, as well as a chance to further shine – battling the then king of views in battle rap.

Number 14 – Hitman vs Conceited

Event: URL’s Nome 3 Event

Proving that views do not always equate to quality, Hitman Holla vs Conceited is what happens when premiere two battlers who aren’t necessarily that motivated to battle each other do so.

There were some high moments in this battle – for example, Hitman’s first round was absolutely phenomenal. I would say that it is probably top 3 rounds i’ve ever seen live. But overall, this battle was pretty disappointing.

It should be noted that besides their popularity within the battle community – both Hitman and Conceited are on Nick Cannon’s Wildn Out