Was Prodigy Killed because of the FACTS he revealed about Dr Malachi Z.K. York?

http://freedryork.com was Prodigy of Mobb Deep killed because of the facts he revealed? Dr Malachi York is a renowned author, spiritual teacher, and Diplomat and Consul General for the Republic of Liberia who started his works in Brooklyn NY influencing the likes of Nas, Afrika Bambaataa, Juelz Santana, Cam’ron, Sean Price, Jaz-O and more. He’s currently serving 135 years in prison at Florence ADMAX the countries most secured prison. Still retaining his innocence and a plethora of witnesses who testified they were persuaded by the FBI and the fact that United States violated his Diplomatic Status.. why is he still in prison.. Reach out to your local congressman, Government, parliament, or Minister to Help #FREEDRYORK