A Crash Course on Battle Rap and the Ultimate Rap League

The Ultimate Rap League is the most respected MC Battle Arena in the world. In a live event forum, the globe’s most prolific rappers and MC’s go head-to-head spitting out freestyle rhymes and bars in the wildest, most heated battle rap smackdowns. URL is now live, interactive, and free to watch.

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2/12 • URL arrives
Tune in to chat with the founders of the World’s Most Respected MC Battle Arena, Smack White and Eric Beasley.

2/19 • Preview: Genesis
Preview the match ups, ask the MCs who you think will win and who has everything to lose.

2/28 • Friday faceoff: Genesis
The fight before the fight, watch the final moments before the main event as the MCs sit down face to face to see who can get the final word before the battle.

2/29 • URL presents: Genesis
Tune in for free and watch as 12 of the top Battle Rap MCs face off in the first ever live URL event on Caffeine.