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Mysonne says he got Vado beating Saigon

Mysonne gives his prediction for the upcoming battle between Vado & Saigon on October 3rd in Atlanta! He said he was hearing bars from Vado when he was locked up.. Vado would call and spit for him… so though Saigon is his man.. he gotta go with the home team. This battle gonna be crazy […]

Battle Rap: Tory Lanez Takes Shots Back at Cassidy

If you ask me Tory Lanez is not to be slept on.. The flow is simple but it aint whack, he straight to the point and took some shots at Cassidy that definitely landed. If they went head on.. Acapella I would give it to Cassidy, but on beat.. I’m not sure about that one. […]

Vada Fly Recaps Jackkoy Maine Vs Ooops Battle

Nobody recaps a battle rap event like Vadafly, who spits bars while breaking down the bars. Jakkboy Maine & Ooops went head on during Smack URL’s Born Legacy battle that took place in Seattle. Jakkboy Maine & Ooops both Battle Rappers who have been building up their repertoire in the Battle Rap culture. Ooops who […]


John John Da Don vs Ace Amin full rap battle from Bullpen Battle League’s “FAD3” event that took place March 20th 2021 in Atlanta, Ga. FILMED BY RUINYOURDAY BULLPEN BATTLE LEAGUE streaming on Caffeine every Monday & Wednesday 9pm est FOLLOW & SUBSCRIBE: Subscribe: Tweets by BullpenBattles #battlerap

Kane Brown, blackbear – Memory (Official Video)

“Memory” is out now! Listen On: Apple Music: iTunes: Spotify: Amazon Music: YouTube Music: Pandora: Connect with Kane: Newsletter: Official Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: Twitter: Text Kane at 615-205-1717 Connect with bear: Official Website: Instagram: Facebook: TikTok: Twitter:

How to prepare for Battle Rap Charlie Clips Vs Oun-P October 3rd

Charlie Clips and Oun-P talk about how they prepare for Battle Rap.. As things begin to heat up for the #NWOIII event in Atlanta. They talk about personals, and how they about to come with it… Nobody safe in Battle Rap. Battle Rappers take Note. People sleeping on Oun-P cause its been a minutes since […]

545 Insurrectionists Now Charged as New Court Filing Reveals Assault on New York Times Reporter

The FBI is arresting more insurrectionists every day. We all saw and heard Donald Trump incite the angry mob on January 6, telling them to go to the US Capital and “stop the steal.” However, recent court documents detail how other Trump mantras lead to violence that day. Specifically violence against a woman who was […]