Afrobeat Instrumental 2019 | Chérie | Beats by COS COS

Afrobeat Instrumental 2019 | Chérie | Beats by COS COS

Afrobeat Instrumental 2019 | Chérie | Beats by COS COS

Beat name: Chérie
Producer: Beats by Marcos (COS COS)
DAW: FL Studio | Logic Pro X

Note: If you download audio from this clip or convert the video to audio to use, you will end up with poor quality sound which will most likely clip/sound distorted or saturated [because of digital compression and limiting]. If you’d like the best quality version of this beat (which will be a wave file) kindly reach out to me and purchase a simple lease for as little as $35 and I will send to you a lossless 1,411kbps audio best for recording)
Copyright Information: This beat is not free! Contact me to purchase a lease or the exclusive license 👇

All the ‘free’ beats on this channel are free for non-commercial use only. You can use them to make music for trial purposes, but not for reselling or making monetary profit from. If you would like to monetize your project using any of the beats, you can purchase a lease for any of the beats for as little as $35 or contact me to purchase an exclusive license.

You can’t register your song on BMI/WIPO/OMPI/ASCAP or any worldwide copyright organization or Content ID system unless you purchase a license for a beat.
Otherwise enjoy free beats, and if you do use them for non-commercial purposes make sure to copy the information above and paste it in your description, or add; ‘prod. by COS COS’ if you use the beat in any way.

Prod. by COS COS

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