Getaway Driver for Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Killer Went to LAPD, but Police Turned Her Away: Court Records

The night after Nipsey Hussle was killed, the woman who drove the alleged shooter from the scene saw something alarming on the news: her car and license plate.

“Oh my God,” she told her mom, according to her May testimony before a grand jury. “My car is on here and everything and I didn’t do anything. I didn’t know this boy was gonna do this.”

Right away, her mom called the police, who relayed that detectives would be in at 6 a.m. The next morning, they decided, they’d go to the station and tell police the truth.

But when she showed up at the 77th Street Station and told a front desk officer that she wanted to talk to someone because her car was linked to a murder, she testified that an officer turned her away.

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