Battle Rap: Tory Lanez Takes Shots Back at Cassidy

If you ask me Tory Lanez is not to be slept on.. The flow is simple but it aint whack, he straight to the point and took some shots at Cassidy that definitely landed. If they went head on.. Acapella I would give it to Cassidy, but on beat.. I’m not sure about that one. This could be extraordinary for Battle Rap culture and fans.

He said “I’ll leave Cass body in that casket his career is in, my problem or your problem dog its no comparison what you gonna compare some smack dvd appearances, ding ding ding 15 seconds of fame is up was in them hotels with R Kelly we should flame you up”

Not only that, your man is dropping an NFT album.. on, definitely nothing to play with right now!

The unfortunate part is Cassidy is typecasted as a Battle Rapper and Tory Lanez would have a lot to lose if he got his ass bust by Cassidy.