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MOON vs SUPERBLACK (crazy rap battle) hosted by John John Da Don | BULLPEN BATTLE LEAGUE

BullPen Battle League is back at it again, with a self proclaimed classic, yall be the judge. Battle Rappers Moon Vs SuperBlack.. Who you think got it? Is this an Epic Rap Battle or just another drop in the bucket for Battle Rap

Tay Roc vs Bad Newz (BullPen Battle League)

Tay Roc Vs Bad Newz at BullPen Battle League in Atlanta.. Who you Got?  #BattleRap #BullPenBattleLeague #ShrugLife #TayRoc #JohnJohnDaDon #BadNewz br /> Share on facebook Facebook Share on email Email Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Share on telegram Telegram