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Remy Ma’s Latest Approach to Battle Rap: Chrome 23 and Alliances with ARP of RBE

Remy Ma is a well-known rapper who has been making waves in the battle rap scene lately with her latest approach to the game. She recently released a project called Chrome 23, which has received critical acclaim for its unique style and high-energy performances. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Remy Ma’s […]

Rum Nitty Vs T-Rex Face Off

Ultimate Rap League releases the Face Off between Battle Rappers Rum Nitty and T-Rex hosted by JayBlac. The Drake card is here. SMACK/URL PRESENTS: TIL DEATH DO US PART SATURDAY OCTOBER 30TH 6PM ESTLIVE & FOR FREE ON @CAFFEINE

Head Ice Vs Aye Verb on Smack Vol.8

This is s dope break down of whats to come with Head Ice Vs Aye Verb on Smack Vol. 8. We know this should be a classic, the Mid-West Vs East Coast rivalry is still fresh.. Vada Fly gives a dope break down on why this battle has been long awaited and talks about the […]

Vada Fly Recaps Jackkoy Maine Vs Ooops Battle

Nobody recaps a battle rap event like Vadafly, who spits bars while breaking down the bars. Jakkboy Maine & Ooops went head on during Smack URL’s Born Legacy battle that took place in Seattle. Jakkboy Maine & Ooops both Battle Rappers who have been building up their repertoire in the Battle Rap culture. Ooops who […]

#NWOIII: Charlie Clips Vs. Oun-P December 13th!!

Charlie Clips Vs Oun-P

CHARLIE CLIPS VS. OUN P Produced by Magnedo7 #NWOIII Sponsored by Austrian Audio Former engineers and producers of the AKG Microphones, Austrian Audio is providing the exclusive Mics and Headphones for the Battle. Check them out here: https://amzn.to/31mtK0y Charlie Clips well known for his numerous appearances on Smack URL and battles against the likes of […]


We would like to thank everyone who has supported MC WAR since its inception in October of 2002. We have done our best to bring innovation to our MC WAR’s and hallmark events. We are preparing to roll out our New World Order III Series brought to you by Austrian Audio and we want to […]


Smack URL releases its latest in Battle Rap, they bring together 2 Battle Rappers who continue to make noise in the genre.. Charlie Clips Vs Nu Jerzey Twork! Was this an epic Rap Battle.. or nah? Let us know