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Vada Fly Recaps Jackkoy Maine Vs Ooops Battle

Nobody recaps a battle rap event like Vadafly, who spits bars while breaking down the bars. Jakkboy Maine & Ooops went head on during Smack URL’s Born Legacy battle that took place in Seattle. Jakkboy Maine & Ooops both Battle Rappers who have been building up their repertoire in the Battle Rap culture. Ooops who […]

KOTD – Math Hoffa vs The Saurus | #DECADE

KOTD – #DECADE – Math Hoffa vs The Saurus Hosted by Organik, Bishop Brigante & Gully TK https://GhostDrops.com #WD8 Tix or PPV at https://www.KOTDTV.com Subscribe to KingOfTheDot Today! http://goo.gl/3W4Dnp http://www.KOTD.TV http://www.KOTDTV.com http://www.KOTDStore.com http://www.KingOfTheDot.com http://www.Facebook.com/KOTDTV Tweets by KingOfTheDot http://www.Instagram/KOTDTV http://www.Youtube.com/KingOfTheDot http://www.Youtube.com/KOTDMedia http://www.Youtube.com/GroundZeroBattles http://www.Youtube.com/ProveYoselfBattles FOLLOW THE KOTD/CO TEAM ON TWITTER: @KingOfTheDot @OrganikHipHop @KingFlyKOTD @GullyTK @BishopBrigante @DjDoctaKOTD @SandeepKOTD […]

KOTD – Chilla Jones vs Head I.C.E. (Title Match) | #WD8

KOTD – Chilla Jones vs Head I.C.E. (Title Match) | #WD8 KOTD – #WD8 – Chilla Jones vs Head I.C.E. (Title Match) Hosted by Organik #RIPTECH9 – If you would like to donate to his family, do so here: https://www.facebook.com/donate/2300911370190733/2383300631703348/ https://GhostDrops.com KOTD Town Bidness, May 18th https://www.KOTDTV.com for Tix or PPV #KOTDREWARDS: https://www.KOTDRewards.com Subscribe to […]