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Debatable Episode 12: Battle Rap, Lil Boosie Water, DMX Vs Eminem & Jay-Z, & Italy Vs Bill Gates

In this episode Den Tut and Saqar discuss the RBE (Rare Breed Entertainment) latest release in Battle Rap: Rosenberg Raw Vs. Snake Eyez of Dot Mobb, Dope Battle! Also DMX Vs Eminem or Vs Jay – Z his arch-nemesis. What about Italy Parliament member blaming Bill Gates for Crimes Humanity, Venezuela wants their gold back […]

Debatable Episode 7 | Battle Rap, Death of Ahmaud Arbery, and Gang Culture

We discuss the recent release of the Rap Battle between Torri Doe Vs Chess on the Smack URL and QOTR platforms, we ask if minorities have a chance of survival in the United States, the sad killing and hunting down of Ahmaud Arbery, and Gangs are connecting from East to West, is this a good […]